Dedicated software

 Dedicated software is one of our key areas of competence. For many years we have been designing, implementing and maintaining stable and modern applications dedicated to universities, public institutions and business entities. We build solutions dedicated to each industry, adapting IT tools to specific needs and goals. Our solutions are carefully refined, which ensures high efficiency and process optimization. We also help newly established companies (startups), transform their ideas into a finished product. Our knowledge and many years of experience in building custom applications allows us to create any application.

Stages of software development


First Step

Requirements analysis

 We start the first stage with business analysis and software requirements analysis. We get acquainted with the client's business, his industry, the goals he wants to achieve and we try to choose the most appropriate solutions. We define the budget and work schedule. It is very important to set priorities, goals that must be achieved first, and those that can be achieved at a later stage of the project.


 Application design

 At this stage our team of specialists, basing on the analysis, prepares the concept of dedicated software. A description of the application's functionality is created, user interfaces and administration panel are developed. All the above works are created in close cooperation with the client, thanks to which the solutions we offer are highly effective.

Second Step


Third Step


 At this stage, we begin to "build" the application. Our programmers are highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in the IT industry. The technologies on which we rely are:

Cloud Server with Linux Debian

PHP - MVC (Model View Controller) with CodeIgniter
JS JQuery
CSS Bootstrap

MySQL DataBase

Code repository GIT



Software tests are carried out to eliminate errors or inconsistencies with the project assumptions. The system functionalities and its appearance are checked, then we proceed to testing the correct operation of the application.

Fourth Step


Fifth Step


At this stage, the software is launched and client receives the final product.


 Maintenance and development

We do not end cooperation with the client after implementation stage. We also offer application maintenance and development together with new customer needs.

Sixth Step

The benefits of dedicated software

Adjustment to individual needs

Dedicated software gives greater opportunities to adjust to existing systems and processes in the company. After careful analysis of the client's needs, we are able to provide the client with tools that will ensure the achievement of goals and meet the expectations of a specific group of recipients.

Better integration with other systems

 Dedicated software is much easier to integrate with other external systems. Therefore, if a company already uses certain IT solutions, it is worth investing in dedicated applications. Some "out-of-the-box" solutions do not provide integration with external systems.

Greater protection against attacks

"Out-of-the-box" solutions use commonly used solutions and offer basic security, which means that their users may be exposed to a greater number of cyber attacks. By creating dedicated software, we are able to offer additional individual system security.

A solution based on the latest technologies

Dedicated software gives the opportunity to use the latest technological solutions present on the market at a given time.

Easy software development and modernization

Dedicated software allows easy and quick expansion with additional modules at any stage of the software's life. Sometimes changes are forced by changes taking place in the enterprise, sometimes they are dictated by the changing market and the needs of users.

Greater competitive advantage

Dedicated software allows the use of innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of the client. As a result, the solutions provided are characterized by high optimization of business processes.

Dedicated applications tailored to your needs

 When designing internet applications, we use the latest technological solutions to create efficient and fine-tuned software. We approach each project individually, resulting in applications tailored to the client's needs and goals. Thanks to knowledge and experience, we are able to create applications from scratch, starting from demand analysis, going through project design and implementation of the solution and ending with maintenance and development.