Website applications for business and individual clients

DataMomentum has a team of highly qualified specialists in the IT industry. We specialize in custom software development. Using the latest technologies, we create software that automates and optimizes sales, information, and resource management. As a digital agency, we also design and create websites that suit the needs of our clients and make their brands more recognizable.

Our specialties are:

Dedicated software development


CMS Systems

 Proprietary content management system allows independent management of website content, without programming knowledge.


E-commerce Solutions

 Complex B2B platforms and online stores that meet individual customer criteria.


CRM and ERP Systems

 Solutions that streamline and automate management processes throughout the enterprise.


Dedicated software

 We design and implement dedicated IT solutions (software as a service) for companies, public and educational institutions.

Popular Solution Categories

Below are categories of frequently requested solutions by our clients.

Document management systems (DMS)

Online document collection, storage, and management software. Increases work efficiency, enables the creation of a multi-stage workflow within a production environment.

E-learning systems

Internet application that enables remote education and sharing resources between users. Managing access to content using assigned roles.

E-commerce systems

Dedicated e-commerce software supporting production, sales, and storage processes. The solution that meets the unique requirements and needs of the client.

Professionalism and security

Our goal is to provide the highest quality solutions. Modern, functional, and above all secure. When creating dedicated software for public institutions, our solutions are compatible with WCAG 2.1, ADA, Mobile Optimized, and SEO ready. We also have experience in meeting PCI and HIPAA compliance standards. We use proven and secure dedicated cloud servers with 24/7 management.

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Products That Are Business or Education Ready

We currently offer products that are developed, tested and implemented in business and educational facilities.  These services can be quickly and economically implemented to serve your needs.  All our commercially developed products can be customized to meet your personalized requirements. 

We create web applications tailored to your needs

 When designing internet applications, we use the latest technological solutions to create efficient and fine-tuned software. We approach each project individually, resulting in applications tailored to the client's needs and goals. Thanks to knowledge and experience, we are able to create applications from scratch, starting from demand analysis, going through project design and implementation of the solution and ending with maintenance and development.