Work in home office mode

The Datamomentum Group has been operating in Poland and the State of NY in the USA for 15 years. Most of our employees work remotely using our proprietary software. Many of our clients have already appreciated our solutions and are using our many years of experience and software for remote work in home office mode


Thanks to many years of experience, we have developed solutions and procedures that are effective and bring high efficiency to the entire team. Check how we deal with remote work every day and how we can help you organize and maintain effective remote work in your company.

How to organize remote work - effective IT solutions

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Ensuring constant communication

In the remote work system, constant communication between both company employees and clients is very important. To achieve the appropriate effects we use proprietary proven and optimal tools for internal communication. In addition to the above solutions, we propose the implementation of selected and tested commercial solutions for: voice calls, chats, video conferencing, conversations with the client. We have been successfully using proven and selected solutions for years. Contact us or call to talk about the details.

Online customer base

Transfer your customer base to the cloud, ensuring mobility and access to information from anywhere for each of your employees. Remotely manage customer relationships, add notes, plan contact with the selected customer. Via text, email or video call. Thanks to us, you will have all contacts in one place and our software will eliminate human mistakes such as not answering a question that is important to the client.

Electronic flow of documents

Sharing documents and files between employees is key. Our proven software solves all problems related to sharing resources. We use the space in our cloud, Google cloud and Dropbox cloud in accordance with the customer's chosen option. Each of the above solutions limits access to data based on users of the roles assigned to them and the rights associated with them. All files are secure and access to them is registered. We also enable encryption of files and data with a strong key length RSA-2048 bit.

Online submission support

In remote work mode, work organization and its efficiency are very important. Our proprietary "Project management" solution that we have been using for over 14 years divides the work into customer applications and employee tasks. Each notification and task is assigned to specific employees, priority and status are given. We can add comments and attach files to each task and notification. Thanks to this, we gain not only transparency of work but also full control over the progress of work. We can easily check who performs what tasks and in a situation of uneven distribution of work, shift tasks between one and another employee.

Our remote work solutions provide

Managing tickets and tasks

In order to ensure the efficient and effective work of the entire team, we use a task manager. The key functions of the program include:

  • Online request management,
  • Task list management for each employee for each day,
  •  Reminders about overdue and ongoing tasks,
  • Reports on completed tasks and notifications

File Repository

AbCloud solutions allow unlimited access to data and services from anywhere. In addition, what is very important, the cloud provides scalability. If you need an additional 20TB of space, this is not a problem. Our solution works with:

  • Dedicated private cloud,
  •   Google Drive
  • Dropbox

As far as security is most important to you, we can also limit access using an encrypted VPN connection.

Reporting works

To effectively manage and optimally use the available resources we need detailed information. Thanks to the reports generated by the system, the managing person has easy access to the most important information such as:

  • List of tasks in the system, along with the degree of their implementation,
  • Priorities of tasks, together with the deadline,
  • Who is assigned to what task,
  • How much time did it take to complete the task

Run your business without restrictions

Of course, remote work is not possible everywhere, but wherever we have to deal with document circulation, communication between employees and contacts with clients, we can use the possibilities of home office..